Since 1988, Perim Lang Antiques has been “the” destination spot for designers, retail clients, architects and antique collectors. Perim’s and Lang’s eye for the unique is world-renowned and his pieces grace some of the finest homes. Offering the area’s finest selection of Period European, English and American antiques, lighting and accessories showcased in a beautifully restored 4500 square foot Essex landmark. Featuring items from the 17th through the 20th century.

A Note From Tom Lang, Co-Owner of Perim Lang Antiques

After two decades as an antique dealer, I have experienced and observed quite a bit — including the incessant need by some to try to define the latest “trends” in antique collecting. The mere questioning of which antiques will be most popular this season or what innovative ways they will be arranged or photographed in a current home magazine is contrary to the antique’s intrinsic value to society. Antiques are not anonymous entities but speak for people and their times, reflecting mankind’s triumphs and mistakes… successes and follies — all while providing collectors with an opportunity to examine themselves through what they choose to own. At my shop, the finest antique furnishings await your discovery — and in this process I hope they help you to discover a new part of yourself.

History of the Shop

In 2008 Perim Lang Antiques moved its extensive inventory into a 4500 square foot Essex, MA landmark formerly known as the Methodist Episcopal Church. As part of the move, the building was restored to its circa 1911 appearance, including a modest bell tower reputed to have been constructed from salvage of ships from nearby Story’s Boat Yard.


We believe the original structure dates back to 1809 when it was used as a meetinghouse by a socially conscious group known as The Christian Society. This Society and Congregation had in 1809 an African-American Minister named Tosh. And, according to records, ministers associated with this group spoke out in support of the abolition of slavery and advocated for women’s rights. Visitors to Perim Lang Antiques will feel the history of the early structure and the people associated with it while marveling at the collection of period antiques, period lighting and accessories showcased there. Markings on the original wide pine floorboards still show the placement of the early long benches used by the first Society and the dramatic high ceilings make the experience of this restored structure as much of a “must see” as the antique treasures it holds.