Mid-19th century over life-size carved marble statue of Michelangelo’s “Bacchus”. Grand Tour copy through the “Point To Point” method directly from the original keeping its masterful proportions and Fine details in an exact size to Michelangelo’s work. We have never seen a 19th century copy of this Renaissance Masterpiece of this size and are quite fortunate to be responsible for its stewardship until purchase by a discerning collector The original “Bacchus” is a marble sculpture by the master, Michelangelo, created circa 1496 when the artist was 21. This statue was originally commissioned by Cardinal Raffaele Riario. However, it was rejected by him and eventually found its way to Jacopo Galli, Cardinal Riario’s banker and a friend of the sculptor, who purchased it in 1506. Some 66 years later it was bought for the Medici and transferred to the royal house in Florence, Italy. Currently it can be viewed at the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Florence. It is one of just two sculptures surviving Michelangelo’s initial period in Rome, with the other being Pieta. The artwork: This somewhat oversized artwork displays a nude Bacchus (the Roman God of wine) posing, holding a goblet of wine in his right hand while clutching the skin of a tiger in his left. Sitting beside him is a faun, seemingly enjoying a bunch of grapes slipping from the Roman God’s grasp. He appears intoxicated with rolling eyes and a slight leaning of the body indicating a lack of balance. His hair is adorned with a wreath of ivy leaves. This sculpture is normally classified as of the Italian high Renaissance and Baroque era’s. Ex private Mid-West collection.



Height: 82 in. (208.28 cm)
Width: 33 in. (83.82 cm)
Depth: 33 in. (83.82 cm)

Style: Renaissance (In the Style Of)
Materials and Techniques: Carved, Marble
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 19th Century
Date of Manufacture: 1840-1880

Wear consistent with age and use. Breaks in statue have been professionally restored and stabilized. Patina is still present and beautiful. Repairs not viable to the eye. Minor weathering. We suggest an interior display of this amazing work.

Seller Location
Essex, MA